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Born on May 5, 1995, in Pennsylvania, Niki and Gabi DeMartino share a story of growing up as twins, filled with a love for creativity, fashion, and music. Their journey took a significant turn when they ventured into the world of YouTube, each carving out their niche in beauty, fashion, and music.

Niki and Gabi’s Early Years:

Growing up as twins in Pennsylvania, Niki and Gabi discovered their passion for creativity, fashion, and music at a young age. These shared interests laid the foundation for their unique journey.

YouTube Stardom:

The twins found their path to fame on YouTube, creating individual channels focused on beauty, fashion, and music. A pivotal moment came with the launch of their joint channel, “Niki and Gabi,” where they combined their talents to create engaging content. One of their early successes was the “Twin Tag” video, allowing viewers to connect with the sisters on a deeper level.

Niki and Gabi’s Influence on YouTube:

Niki and Gabi’s authentic and relatable content on YouTube has garnered them millions of subscribers. Their channels feature a variety of content, including beauty tutorials, fashion hauls, music videos, and personal vlogs. The “Niki and Gabi” channel, in particular, is known for entertaining challenges, skits, and Q&A sessions, showcasing the twins’ chemistry.

Biography Summary:

Full Name: Nicola Teresa DeMartino Place of Birth: Pennsylvania Date of Birth: May 5, 1995 Career: TikTok star, entrepreneur, and social media influencer Net Worth: $480.99 thousand

Niki and Gabi’s Net Worth:

With an estimated net worth of $480.99 thousand, Niki and Gabi have established themselves as successful content creators.

Niki and Gabi YouTube Channel:

The twins’ main platform is the “Niki and Gabi” YouTube channel.

Content and Creativity:

Niki and Gabi’s content spans various interests, including beauty, fashion, music, and lifestyle. They stay ahead of trends, offering the latest in fashion hauls, makeup tutorials, and relatable life advice. Their creativity extends to original music, showcasing their vocal talents and songwriting skills.


Niki and Gabi’s journey serves as an inspiring example of success in the digital age. Their talent, authenticity, and sisterly bond have garnered them a dedicated following and a thriving career in content creation and music. As they continue to evolve, Niki and Gabi inspire others with their creativity and genuine connection with their audience.

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